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Moving Forward Towards Independence is a women and children's transitional live in program. We provide stable housing and work experience to qualifying women, with or without children as space provides. Mentoring women to assist in their life journey toward self sufficiency is the goal of the moving forward program.

The way this program works is very simple, once you meet the qualification below you will be able to move into one of the homes where a child care business or elderly home is being ran.  You will get your own space, shared working environment, tools to be successful as wells as a nurturing place to call home.

During the time you are living in the home, you will be asked to volunteer 20 hours toward the program and 5 hours of additional training as needed per week. 

The program consist of you learning, training, shadowing, or  working 20 hours a week.  You will also set your own achievable goals with the help of a mentors, peers, and your own ability to work toward them.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Please contact us if you would like additional information.

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To Qualify:

~Women with or without children

~able to pass a criminal background check for state

   childcare program.

~Work and live in an environment with children/


~Volunteer 25 hours a week

Will gain:

~Stable housing

~Work experience

~Skills training

~Life mentoring skills

~Education for financing and budgeting

~Aid to assist in your journey toward self sufficiency


~And much more...

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