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Moving Forward to Success began in 2012 when a small group of child care providers decided it was time to help the local women in the community from all walks of life. They put together a program to give them an opportunity to learn a child related career.

​We are driven and extremely passionate about our Moving Forward to Success program. Our hearts goal is to help women with or without children learn the steps it take to gain life skills. In the process they gain education to achieve gainful employment in the child care industry. We work to provide the tools to help women overcome situations in their life and help them move forward in a healthy direction for their future.


Our Homes

Our homes are based on a Christian family environment. Some of the homes except children. We offer many activities, training, cooking facilities and laundry facilities. We come along side of you to help you get stable and advance to becoming successfully independent.

3/20/2019   We currently have 4 beds available at our Lancaster house

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