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Pastors Dave & Joleta Mangis


Moving Forward is a ministry under Liberty Fellowship.


We are a "family" committed in love to our Heavenly Father to love Him and love one another. We have committed our lives to ...His call and purpose for us, corporately and individually for the rest of our lives. We seek to hear and do the Father's will in these last days. We have chosen to surrender our presumed earthly rights to Him, who called us to walk in the authority of the kingdom of heaven. We choose to walk in unity and in Christ love, thus showing the world we are truly His Disciples. We seek to find the lost where ever we are and compel them by our love to pursue the Father's heart. We desire to shine bright in this dark, lost, and dying world. We do this with the joy of knowing it is an eternal treasure and honor. We believe that no one we meet is by accident and that the Blood of Jesus was and is able to cleanse them from any sin no matter what our flesh, nor Satan says. We desire to be a base of sound discipleship for all those who pursue healing, deliverance, and the call of God on their lives. We look to be examples of the freedom it brings to follow His commands.

Church Softball


We have a men's softball team that plays other churches in Salem. We play in the Spring and Fall.

Marion Polk Food Share


Our mission is to lead the fight to end hunger in Marion and Polk Counties … because no one should be hungry

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