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Need a place to live? Need help in life? Homeless? Have children?

If you are a woman you and can answer yes to any of the questions above we might have a solution for you!

*** We are able to help women that can pass a background check to work with children and elderly ONLY! *** 
If you have made it this far and still qualify then please allow us to help you.  We are a small non profit organization that help women with or without children out of hardship and into freedom.
How we are able to do this is with people that own a business, such as child care or elderly care, that open their home and offer you to live in an available room.  During this time you will work with mentors and other people to help guide you on your path to freedom.  You will also be required to work/train/shadow in the business  up to 25 hours a week.  This is how we are able to afford to support this non profit along with generous donations from our Sponsors.
We are always welcoming women, as space allows, into our program.  We would love for you to read more about why we support Moving Forward to Success.
We are always looking for new community partners that are able to help with donation to this program.  If you are looking to become a partner please visit our Donate Page.


Moving Forward Towards Independence is transitional housing with programs for women, and women with children. Moving Forward is for women that have the desire to learn essential life skills and exploring various career paths that work well with their gifting and skill set. This is a faith based program designed to provide a safe, supportive, stable, encouraging, and educational path towards independence.

Testimonial  by

Monica Renee Daugherty


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We invite you to partner with us in bringing hope to women and children in our community. Volunteers can make a difference in the lives of children!



One service we offer is the ability to offer fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens



Our services are FREE of charge in hopes to bring change to our community.  We rely solely on support from our community.

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